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Compter sur demain on the way to the IDEAS Labels


In view of always wanting to retain a level of professionalism, Compter sur demain has approached, at the end of 2013, IDEAS to improve its practices and to think about the future of its associative projects.


IDEAS (Institute for the Development of Ethics and Action for Solidarity) is an organization that promotes the convergence between associations and major donors (philanthropist, foundations, companies, etc.). To do so, it provides to the associations who can benefit from corporate sponsorship; a personalized support to optimize their governance and financial management as well as the efficiency of their action.


Compter sur demain is now entering a new phase of optimization of its practices after establishing an initial diagnosis, based on 120 specific indicators of effectiveness and efficiency. This overview provides the basis for futures projects with the objective to acquire new tools which will strengthen the association’s skills, ensure the continuity of its actions and increase its impact of its beneficiaries.


Within a few months, Compter sur demain strives to apply for the IDEAS Label, a pledge of trust for many major donors, awarded by a committee of independent experts. 

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