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Learning French in Laos, what for ?


Official language until 1975, French was taught in all schools of the country. Molière’s language has always known how to keep its attraction, and turns out to be an asset for the professional future of the young generation.

Contrary to popular belief, study of French is not only addressed to the elite but remains available to poor young adults

For a Laotian student, learning French is a way to ensure a future in the tourism sector, in a really popular destination for francophone people. It is also a way to create opportunities to integrate French companies, to have access to professional literature or to follow academic specializations dispensed in French.

Finally, we should not forget high demand of numerous bilingual schools all over the country which are in need of qualified teachers.

Thank you and welcome to our young volunteers, Anh Liên and Sabine, who are currently in Luang Prabang for one year to develop our program to support Francophonie within three structures: Ecole Normale Supérieure, the French Institute and the Bilingual School.

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