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Compter sur demain is a partner of the orphanage Main dans la Main in Douala, Cameroon's economic capital .



Founded 20 years ago, the organization supports 80 children aged from a few months to over twenty years. Forty of them live in a foster care center because they are orphans or their family and social situations warrant institutionalization. The organization ensures their basic needs: housing and nutrition, medical care and prevention, emotional management, while facilitating their access to education: education, vocational training, and higher education.

Main dans la Main also supports thirty children and adolescents living in families in the poorest neighborhoods of the city. The organization finances their education by providing social support to protect them in precarious or highly insecure situations.

In parallel, Main dans la Main has established professional sewing training for young disadvantaged girls on its premises in Douala and a workshop production to generate additional income for the organization. Compter sur demain has cofinanced the construction of a 364m2 new building, inaugurated in December 2014, and dedicated to these activities.

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