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Our programs

Projects supported by Compter sur demain are supported by local stakeholders and are responding to requests from the field. The organization is present in France and internationally: Brazil, Cameroon, and Laos. The choice of these four countries of intervention reflects the diversity of the Board of Directors whose members have proposed projects that were important to them.

Programs are selected based on the following criteria: a real and specific need of the population, the relevance of the project implemented, the reliability and competence of local partners, the adequacy of the objectives with those of the organization, and the knowledge of the local context by one or more members of Compter sur demain.
Who are the 3,000 beneficiaries of the organization?

This figure accounts for all children, adolescents, and young adults affected by the actions of Compter sur demain. It takes into account the beneficiaries of community programs (support of schools, construction of boarding schools, etc.) and individuals (student sponsorship, tutoring college kids, etc.).

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