Our vision



Promote education and enroll the most vulnerable

Through schooling, vocational training, and access to higher education programs, Compter sur demain gives deprived or underachieved children and adolescents the tools for better social and professional integration. The organization pays particular attention to the education of the most vulnerable : orphans, girls, children from ethnic minorities, disabled young people, etc.


Educating girls in the fight against poverty

Aware that girls’ education is a fundamental tool for development, Compter sur demain aids projects that are specific to them. The organization also supports entrepreneurial initiatives led by young women beneficiaries of development programs and activities that promote empowerment.

Support the transmission of skills

Compter sur demain promotes the training of local participants in the fields of education and health, in order to optimize the quality of their work in the field. In parallel, the organization works with its partners to strengthen their capacity in different areas: project management, research local funding, governance, and financial transparency.




With values such as equal opportunity, openness to the world, and optimism, Compter sur demain rests on three principles of action:


Supporting without helping

Compter sur demain attaches great importance to the local ownership of funded projects; all programs emanate from the field and are managed by local partners. Furthermore, the association gives operational support to its partners, in view of empowerment and sustainability.



Compter sur demain aims to work based on the confidence granted by its beneficiaries, its partners, its donors, its sponsors and the general public. Thus, the association shares and provides information related to its management at headquarters and in the field. 



In order to calculate the impact and the efficiency of its action, Compter sur demain regularly evaluates its programs by conducting one or several annual missions in the intervention areas and with the implementation of monitoring and evaluation tools.


Download the Code of Ethics of Compter sur demain

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