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Compter sur demain organization

Founded in 2008, Compter sur demain helps disadvantaged children have access to education and the ability to live in dignity.


In partnership with local actors from civil society or the public administration, the organization supports a dozen of programs for over 3,000 children in France and internationally in Brazil, Cameroon, and Laos.


The organization is made up of a team of professional voluntary workers and young volunteers in France. It has recruited its first salary since 2021.  

Most of the resources for Compter sur demain come from private funds (individuals, clubs, schools, foundations, companies, etc.) and, to a lesser extent, public institutions.


The organization provides ongoing monitoring and evaluation of projects, ensuring financial transparency.

Key figures for 2023


4 countries of intervention
3,000 children helped

12 programs
€ 300,000 funds raised
6% of operating costs

15 professional voluntary workers




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