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Financial resources for Compter sur demain are from:

  • Private funding individuals, associations, foundations, companies, and school clubs;

  • Grants from public organizations;

  •  Products of small events: sales of crafts and greeting cards ...

  •  Free Contributions: In-kind donations, sponsorship of skills ...

In 2020, Compter sur demain collected €165.253, whereas voluntary contributions are estimated at €114.137.


The projected of 2020 budget is €200,000.

origin of resources 2018.png
breakdown of expednitures by country.png



Expenditures for programs in 2020 amounted to €122.466. They were distributed over its four countries of intervention. They don't take into account volunteer's indemnities. Those are for volunteers who work directly on the projects on the field or in CSD Office.


As for overhead costs, they amounted to 8% of the funds collected and consisted of rental costs, post and telecommunications, and miscellaneous expenses (insurance, supplies, etc.).


See our financial reports





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